Sponsorship Programs

 PLATINUM - $5000
Main lecture theater named after your company or product, 
 Sponsorship i.e.: “The [your company name] Theater”.
Theater will be identified as such at both main entrances with your
 logo on large signage provided by us. 
A ”Welcome to the [your company name] Theater” slide with your 
 logo will be projected on the large main screen at the front of the theater 
 at all times during the seating of guests throughout the day and until 
 each speaker begins (5 each day). You may also choose to use your own 
 3-minute commercial between seatings.
Your Theater Name would also be prominently included in the show 
 Program and all other theater signs.
Prominent positioning and a link on the RAC web site home page 
 and NEAF landing page.


PLATINUM 2 - $4000
 Your video commercial plays on our 90” theater screen in the main sales floor area.  Located in the food concession area this is the busiest area of the convention.  Your 3 minute commercial will air in-between the live lectures that are being broadcast from the main theater up to 6 times a day.  This theater display screen will be framed in banners with your company name on it.
 In addition, your video commercial will also play on our fieldhouse theater screen in between lectures being held there.  This theater will also be named after your company and all signage for this area will have your company’s name on it including printed maps and schedules.  
 With the Platinum 2 sponsorship, your 3-min commercial will be playing on 2 theater monitors up to 12 times a day total and reaching virtually every patron at the show. 
 GOLD - $3500
Two 6 x 2 ft. full-color vertical advertisement banners at both sides
  of the main entrance doors to the ticket area. 
One large full-color advertisement poster in ticket booth area. Every 
  attendee entering the show will see your promotion.
  The banners may each be the same or they can be different. 
  They may simply state your company name with a logo or also display a 
  product. Artwork must be provided by sponsor in an appropriate format.
Prominent positioning and a link on the RAC web site home page 
  and NEAF landing page. 


 SILVER - $500
Half Page Ad in 'Forum', the official NEAF Souvenir Program.
A highly visible advertisement in this handsome 4-color "Broadway-style" program.
  This is an effective low-cost way to reach every attendee at the show with your company
  or product information. Your company name/logo and message will be in hands of all
  4,000 people visiting NEAF.
 BRONZE - $1000
Fieldhouse theater named after your company or product, i.e.: 
  Sponsorship “The [your company name] Theater”.
 • The Fieldhouse theater will be identified with your company name and
  logo at the entrance to the area. All directional signage to theater will 
  also bear your company name and logo. Signage will be provided by us. 
In addition to the regular Fieldhouse Theater schedule, it can be used
  by you for product demos, and will be an ideal venue to show your
  sponsorship and promote your product. 
Your theater will also be identified with your company name in all 
   references on our web site. 


 Fieldhouse Banner - $300
Hang your Company Banner or Advertisement from the Field House balcony.
A prominent display of your company name, logo or product.
Up to 4-feet wide x 8-feet long (vertical).
Banners and hanging material are the responsibility of the vendor.
  (We suggest heavy cord and small sand bags for hanging.)
Location is strictly "first come, first serve" ('no hang' zones will apply).
Banner art is subject to review by RAC. PDF or facsimile of banner art should be
  sent to RAC on or before April 1st for review to:
  NEAF@RocklandAstronomy.com. Note: RAC retains the right to reject banner art
  for inappropriateness of content.
 *RAC is a 501(3)c nonprofit educational organization, your sponsorship is tax deductible.
 Disclaimer: Company sponsorships assist RAC in defraying the costs associated with the
 RAC is a non profit organization, all sponsorship funds become the sole property of RAC
 for dispensation at their sole authority and discretion. Sponsorship of the
 NORTHEAST ASTRONOMY FORUM does not constitute involvement or approval of
 production, advertising, scheduling or management of the show or its contents.