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April 4,5 2019 (Thursday & Friday)

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#1 Gordon Haynes,  The Last Crusade, Getting the Holy Grail.
#2 John Hayes, Precision Focusing for Astrophotography.
#3 Adam Block, Adam’s tips and tricks of PixInsight.
#4 Dennis Conti, Using AstroImageJ for Exoplanet Observing.

2019 NEAIC Speakers:

Astronaut Don Pettit (Imaging from the ISS)
Damian Peach 
Adam Block (P. S. & Pix, processing)
Robert Reeves (DSLR's & The Moon)
Gordon Haynes (The Holy Grail)
Ron Brecher (Intro to Astrophotography)
John Hayes ( Long FL Imaging )
Rachel Freed (Missed opportunities in Edu. for astro imaging)
David Ho ( Collimation )
Stephanie Anderson ( RASA8, FastStar, HyperStar ) 
Jerry Hubbell 
Dennis Conti (TESS / Amateur Collaboration )
Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn
Tim Connolly (solar workshop)
Bob Denny (ASCOM Alpaca)

Speakers subject to change without notification

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